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Hello, this is Kasmira, bringing you the latest highlights from what was a busy month for International Geneva, both in terms of elections and leadership changes at the top of some of its organisations (ITU, ILO respectively), and at in terms of conferences and meetings including the Human Rights Council, with widening geopolitical divides, protracted crises and uncertainties setting a sombre tone.

For us too here at Geneva Solutions, we celebrated our second anniversary, which we marked with a special print edition published in collaboration with Le Temps (you can find some of the articles in French here) and an event at our offices on the future of International Geneva. You can read more about both below!

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Kasmira Jefford


The must reads

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(Credit: Patrick Chappatte for Geneva Solutions)

⌛ Will International Geneva still exist in 20 years? International Geneva is a 20th century construction, motivated by the wars that defined that era. But can it serve the 21st century?, asks writer and journalist Joëlle Kuntz in the opening article of our special print edition published in collaboration with Le Temps.

Joëlle Kuntz (EN)

🏛️ Are individuals or institutions the engine of International Geneva? Geneva’s success has been shaped over more than a century by its international institutions but also by the actions of influential figures. As challenges become more global and complex, which will become more important to drive change?

Kasmira Jefford (EN)

👨‍💼 The 12 faces of tomorrow. Discover 12 directors, experts, and advocates of International Geneva who are shaping the future of multilateralism, among the many others.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

What else happened this month

🎂 Geneva Solutions marks second anniversary

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From left to right, Serge Michel, Managing Editor of Geneva Solutions, Kasmira Jefford, Chief Editor of Geneva Solutions, Jürg Lauber Switzerland Permanent Representative to the UN and other organizations in Geneva, Marie-Laure Salles, Director of the Graduate Institute, Sandrine Salerno, President of Sustainable Finance Geneva, and Yves Daccord, Executive Chairman and co-founder of the Edgelands Institute and former ICRC Director General (Credit: Geneva Solutions).

To mark two years of reporting on International Geneva, we organised a debate in our editorial office on what International Geneva will be like in 20 years. Among the topics discussed, the place of Geneva as the capital of multilateralism, Switzerland's commitment and the question of neutrality, as well as the place of sustainable finance, especially on the eve of the 2022 edition of Building Bridges.

International Justice Corner

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🕵️ International criminal hunt September round-up. “Our monthly round-up continues with once again a rich diversity of cases brought or litigated in Asia, Africa and Europe, including one case in Guinea finally reaching the stage of the trial 13 years after the massacre committed in Conakry in 2009.

Another development treated in this round-up is worth mentioning: the case brought against Myanmar Junta in front of the Constitutional Court in Indonesia after a group of public figures in Jakarta asked the court to permit the case. That could lead to the very first universal jurisdiction case against the Myanmar military in a country of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Jakarta is widely viewed as the “capital” of ASEAN and hosts the ASEAN secretariat. No doubt that this case would resonate in the entire region should it be allowed to move forward”.

- Alain Werner, director of Civitas Maxima

Read the latest round-up here

Opinions of the month

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Volunteers for the Syrian Arab Red Crescent help distribute aid in Douma, Syria, 2018. (Keystone/DPA/Samer Bouidani)

🤝 Yves Daccord: ‘Future humanitarians must adapt to the shift in vulnerability’. Humanitarians will have to radically adapt the way they work in the next 20 years to reach the people who need them most, writes the former director general of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Geneva Solutions (EN)

🔻Tatiana Valovaya: Global goals are in the red: is sustainable finance up to the challenge? With the deadline to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 just around the corner and still a finance gap to bridge, international Geneva is well placed to accelerate the global transition towards a sustainable economy, writes the director general of the United Nations Office in Geneva.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

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