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Good morning, this is Kasmira. Today, we’re looking ahead to an upcoming meeting in Geneva this weekend between Russian and US diplomats which aims to diffuse tensions along the Ukraine border.

The two days of diplomatic talks will be crucial in trying to resolve the fraught political situation that has been ramping up in recent months between Russia and its neighbour, as well as the diplomatic standoff between the Kremlin and Nato countries.

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🇷🇺🇺🇦🇺🇸What to expect from Russia-US security talks in Geneva.

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Russian Flag. (Photo by Sam Oxyak on Unsplash)

On Sunday, Russian and US diplomats will meet around the negotiating table in Geneva in an effort to diffuse tensions over Moscow’s troop buildup along Ukraine’s eastern border.

The talks, followed by several Nato meetings in Brussels, will be crucial in trying to resolve the fraught political situation that has been simmering since the 2014 Ukraine crisis.

But the prospect of finding a solution to the current crisis faces no shortage of complications. The US and its allies have warned Russia of the high costs of any further attack on its neighbour. Russia, for its part, has accused Ukraine of provocation, and has sought guarantees against Nato’s expansion eastwards.

With differences between Russia and Nato countries over the Ukrainian conflict running deep, what hopes are there for progress in this dangerous diplomatic standoff?

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The estimated number of Russian troops positioned at Ukraine’s border as US and Russian officials prepare to meet in Geneva in an attempt to stave off another invasion of Ukraine.

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