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Hello, this is Michelle. The WTO chief has warned of the ramifications of a spillover of the war between Israel and Hamas, while a breakdown in civil order in Gaza is hampering humanitarian operations on the ground.

On the health front, a monitoring body in Geneva issued a warning that an erosion of trust among and within countries is keeping them from gearing up for the next pandemic.

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💥WTO chief warns Israel-Hamas war could hurt global growth if conflict spills over. An escalation of the violence that would suck in one of the world’s top oil and natural gas-producing regions would have major ramifications on trade, according to Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.


🥫Gaza breakdown in order halts four aid distribution centres – Unrwa. The UN agency for Palestinians said operations were paused after desperate residents broke into UN warehouses searching for food and water.

Reuters (EN)

🦠Mistrust curbs progress on pandemic preparedness, says monitoring body. The WHO-backed independent body set up to monitor the world’s ability to cope with future health crises said conflicts and climate change are among the factors making it hard to come up with multilateral solutions.

Devex (EN)

🏔️UN chief urges world to 'stop the madness' of climate change. Antonio Guterres's comments come as he visited the Himalayan region in Nepal, which has lost nearly one third of its ice in a little over three decades.

France 24 (AFP) (EN)

🇺🇳South Africa calls for UN force to protect civilians in Gaza. Pretoria's call goes further than others who have called for a ceasefire and a humanitarian corridor.

Reuters (EN)

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