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Good morning, this is Paula. Nearly two weeks after UN human rights chief Volker Türk visited Haiti, pressure is building on the international community to help tackle acute insecurity. We report on how people are struggling to survive amid the turmoil. We also hear from OCHA and MSF on how they are handling the situation.

As we approach one year since Russia invaded Ukraine, discussions about peacebuilding and nuclear war will be on the table at institutes around town.

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People walk down a barricaded street during a protest to reject insecurity and constant kidnappings, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 19 May 2022. Kidnappings have multiplied in the last two years in Haiti with the proliferation of gangs, which have turned ransoms into one of their main sources of financing. (Keystone/ EPA/Johnson Sabin)

Gang violence testing humanitarian response in Haiti. A recent visit to Haiti by the UN human rights chief provided a reminder of the challenges in delivering aid amid worsening gang violence as well as what international presence in the country has meant for the population. Less than two years after Haiti’s president was assassinated in his home, a stranglehold of gang violence has made life for millions of residents all but impossible as national security forces struggle to contain it.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

Also on the agenda

  • 📌 20 February | Changing The Rules of the (Nuclear) Game. Despite significant steps towards disarmament in recent years, the prospect of nuclear war is evermore present. Russia’s threats of using nuclear weapons to dissuade other countries from interfering in Ukraine and North Korea’s ramping up of weapons tests in 2022 reveal a complex landscape in which humanitarians have to work. Experts debate in this hybrid event how the rules of the game are changing.
    Geneva Academy (EN)
  • 📌 22 February | Inside Geneva ‘How to Make Peace’. As the war in Ukraine approaches one year, Inside Geneva’s podcast host Imogen Foulkes speaks to experts about the possibilities of a peace deal between Ukraine and Russia and what it might look like at an event in Maison de la Paix.
    Graduate Institute (EN)
  • For more events, visit the Genève Internationale website.

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