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Hi, this is Paula…Today we look at justice for WHO sexual abuse survivors within what appears to be a two-tiered system, where it all depends on who you are in the organisation’s job hierarchy.

Meanwhile, CERN inches closer to building a new, longer particle collider tunnel as feasibility studies get started. And we look at whether it may be time to put the question about the origins of Covid-19 to rest.

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A survivor of sexual abuse allegedly committed by a WHO doctor in her home in Goma, in the eastern Congo, 5 March 2021. (Keystone/AP Photo/Kudra Maliro)

Why Ebola sex abuse victims may never find justice. During the 2018 Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, more than 100 women say they were abused by aid workers employed by the World Health Organization, making it one of the largest sex abuse scandals in the UN’s history. Lured into sex-for-work schemes, very few sought justice, but for those who did, compensation received dwarfed what staff may receive from within the UN’s own internal justice mechanism.

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