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Hi, this is Michelle. A UN official on a hunger strike accuses security officers at New York headquarters of assault.

A new report sheds light on the world’s massive e-waste problem while another warns that humanitarian groups may be bargaining away what they stand for in the digital age.

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🔌UN says e-waste from trashed electric devices is piling up and recycling isn't keeping pace. Roughly 62 million tonnes of electronic junk was produced in 2022, half of which were metals and about a third of which were plastics, according to a report by the International Telecommunications Union and its research arm, Unitar.

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✊UN official protesting Gaza conflict alleges assault by security at headquarters. The humanitarian official who works in Geneva and has been on a hunger strike since 1 March for child victims of the war claimed security assaulted him in New York. A UN spokesperson challenged his version of events.

Reuters (EN)

👁How private tech threatens humanitarian principles. Aid groups risk compromising their neutrality and protection under humanitarian law by partnering with some of the same private tech firms that provide services to military, intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

The New Humanitarian (EN)

🧠Can the UN Security Council finally wrap its mind around Haiti? It’s trying. The UN's top body has been mulling over how to restore peace in the Caribbean country, but while the international police mission is still on hold and an interim government has yet to be formed, the gangs still have the upper hand.

PassBlue (EN)

🪖'Tide is turning' against Myanmar's junta, UN special rapporteur says. The military rulers are losing territory to the armed resistance while facing growing opposition from citizens, according to Tom Andrews, who spoke before the Human Rights Council on Tuesday.

Voice of America (EN)

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