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Hi, this is Pip. Today, we’re covering an exclusive report that sheds new light on the UN’s security response in Afghanistan after the Taliban seized power in 2021.

We’re also hearing about the port city in Ukraine that has just been granted world heritage status, and why the pandemic might be inadvertently causing a surge in other diseases.

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US and NATO troops evacuate thousands of Afghan refugees to safety following the Taliban takeover in summer 2021. (Keystone/LAIF/Andy Spyra)

🇦🇫New light shed on the UN’s flight from Afghanistan. A highly confidential review into the UN’s security response to the Taliban takeover has painted a picture of poor planning and a breakdown in communication, causing a loss of trust in the organisation and missed opportunities to evacuate staff. The document, seen by online media Devex, has shed new light on the UN’s efforts to deliver services in Afghanistan after thousands of US and NATO troops and embassies evacuated the country in 2021.

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