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Hi, this is Leah, and today we are exploring the UN chief’s upcoming trip to Moscow and Kyiv, deaths in Sudan after clashes erupted in Darfur, and families being denied aid rations in Malawi refugee camps.

Plus, the Russian blog of our Ukraine Stories project is now live – you can read more about it below.

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Secretary general António Guterres is interviewed by Maria Khrenova of TASS Russian News Agency in 2021. (Credit: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe)

‘Avoid pressing for a ceasefire in Ukraine’. The UN secretary general’s visit to Moscow and Kyiv this week may reveal major diplomatic limitations as both sides continue to fight for the upper-hand on the battlefield, the International Crisis Group argues in this analysis. The Brussels-based think tank warns that Antonio Guterres should avoid calling for causes both parties are likely to reject, such as a ceasefire and should instead focus on negotiating humanitarian access and civilian evacuation from conflict-stricken areas.

International Crisis Group (EN)

Here’s what else is happening

Ukraine Stories

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These cards read “Christ is risen, but the conscript is not” and “No more war” (Credit: Telegram channel “Feminist Anti-War Resistance”)

Ukraine Stories’ Russian blog goes live. Russian journalists facing difficult writing conditions and the threat of prison for telling the truth share their stories on post-war life in Russia. The feed will also track news and anecdotes that illustrate the creative ways that Russians are manifesting their resistance to war, like these Easter cards pictured above.

Geneva Solutions (EN)
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(Credit: Angelina Kariakina)

Wedding at war: prominent Ukrainians tie the knot. While Ukraine was stormed by Russia’s all-out war, two Ukrainians found love in the darkest place and turned their war woes into wedding vows. Read how Yuriy Zozulia, Ukrainian police officer and Angelina Kariakina, head of news at Ukraine’s public broadcaster Suspilne got married just a week after Moscow invaded their country – and received an anti-tank grenade launcher as a wedding present.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

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