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Hi, this is Gabriela. Today we are keeping a close eye on the escalating conflict and violence in Sudan after three UN food aid workers were killed during clashes over the weekend, sparking condemnation from UN officials.

As Saudi Arabia and Yemen conclude a four-day exchange of war prisoners, led by Red Cross officials, Russia draws international rebuke after jailing a vocal Kremlin critic.

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The Sudanese military and a paramilitary group clashed over the weekend as both sides claimed control of key areas of Khartoum. (Keystone/AP Photo/Marwan Ali)

International groups fret as new wave of violence destabilises Sudan. UN secretary general António Guterres on Monday called for an “immediate” halt to hostilities in Sudan, as clashes between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces, a paramilitary group, erupted in parts of the country over the weekend. Guterres warned that the fighting meant that Sudan’s “precarious” humanitarian situation was turning “catastrophic”.

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