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Latest news from our Ukrainian and Russian colleagues

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Explosives left behind by the Russian occupiers, Mykolaiv region, Ukraine on 4 May, 2022. (Credit: Svitlana Vovk)

Week12: demining Russia’s Easter ‘eggs’. Today, our Ukrainian correspondents took us to meet the deminers of the Ukrainian National Guard who take care of the explosive devices left by the Russian army, gave us some news from the city of Kherson, cut off from the world for a week and told us about the growing gap between those who left and those who stayed.

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Victory day: mourning the dead turned into a spectacle. 9 May is Victory day for some. Celebrated in Russia, in Ukraine it remains a day of memory and loss. Journalist, writer and historian Serhii Kariuk reflects on how the appalling human cost of WWII, a quarter of Ukraine’s population, is felt in every Ukrainian village.

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A Victory Day in Moscow tainted by war. Russian journalist Tamara Protopopova has seen Victory Day celebrations in Moscow over the years. Tainted by the war in Ukraine, this year’s festivities failed to attract the thousands of participants they used to, while her friends turned to clandestine Soviet-era flat parties to sing anti-war songs.

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In Mariupol, Ukraine, people carry a 300-meter-long black-orange ribbon of St George as part of events marking the 77th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II on 9 May 2022. (Keystone/TASS/Peter Kovalev)

Victory Day Celebrations in occupied Ukraine. A thousand kilometres south of Moscow and its military parade, celebrations to commemorate the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany during World War II and to show support for the ongoing invasion were also held in the Russian-controlled territories of Ukraine. Some of the streets in the cities that have crumbled from the bombing were swiftly restored for the events. Here is our summary of Victory Day celebrations in occupied Ukraine.

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On the agenda

10 May 8:30pm | ‘Olga’ film screening. HelpUA.ch is holding a charity event in solidarity with the Ukrainian population in Carouge. The film tells the story of a 15 year old Ukrainian gymnast living in Switzerland when the Maidan Revolution breaks out in Kyiv and her relatives find themselves involved. The film’s director and main actress will be at the screening.

Cinéma BIO Carouge (EN)

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