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Good morning, this is Serge, editorial director of Geneva Solutions, introducing Ukraine Stories, our live blog funded by you!

This edition of GSnews reaches you as our crowdfunding campaign has just reached its first objective, CHF 30,000. It’s an amazing success in less than two weeks!

In this first day of coverage, journalists bring you their testimonies from a Russian-occupied town in Ukraine’s Luhansk region, and from the Black Sea port city of Odesa in the south just before missiles struck on the eve of Orthodox Easter. In the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, a journalist struggles to find purpose in a country that no longer allows him and his peers to report free of censorship.

We have a team of five Ukrainian and Russian editors helping to make this possible. We’re grateful to all supporters of the project and will now try to secure a second month of operation. Do not hesitate to share the link!

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House on Koshytsia street, Darnytsia district, hit by a shell, Kyiv, Ukraine on February 25, 2022. (Credit: Vladyslav Vasylenko)

💻 Ukraine Stories goes live! Every day, Ukrainian journalists will report on the harsh realities that the Russian invasion has inflicted on them and report on what is happening on the ground. Russian journalists facing difficult writing conditions and the threat of prison for telling the truth will also share their stories here. Geneva Solutions will be continuously updating the blog and adding new entries throughout the week. You can read the Ukrainian version here, and a separate Russian blog will launch later this week.

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📖 The diary of a Russian journalist who disagrees with the war. Ivan Zhilin is a Russian journalist, living in Russia's fourth largest city, Yekaterinburg. Now freelance, he previously wrote from one of the country’s independent newspapers until it suspended publication last month. He describes life for journalists in Russia since the war started and grappling with a feeling of helplessness amid tougher censorship rules on the media. Read the article in both English and Russian.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

🇺🇦 Rising to the challenge of war: uprooted Ukrainians make fresh start. Ten weeks ago when the war started, millions fled to safety but nobody wanted to start all over again. Since then, many have started to adapt to new conditions, morally and physically. Alla Pavliuchenko, a journalist from Kyiv, is one of them. She describes her journey with three friends – a dentist, web designer and director – in search of safety to the west of the country and – with savings quickly running out – their decision to open a coffee shop.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

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📌 26 April | Future of Work Summit (hybrid). The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the world of work upside down. From Zoom, to masks in the office, to restructurings and bankruptcies, employees and employers have had to navigate in a much more uncertain labour market for the past two years. As countries begin to get their economies back on track, they’re faced with an opportunity to reform the rules of the workplace. A high-level panel reflects on the potential for a greener, more inclusive and equitable future of work.

TASC Platform, The Graduate Institute (EN)

📌 28-29 April | Freedom of expression in political speech (online) The European Convention of Human Rights guarantees the right of everyone to freely express their opinion, including political actors. But what are the limits or exceptions that apply to them? Academics, UN experts, judges, parliamentarians and officials of the Council of Europe discuss how to protect one of the key pillars of democracy while restricting harmful forms such as propaganda, hate speech and blasphemy.

Université de Genève (EN)

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