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Hi, this is Liv, and today we’re covering UN efforts to unblock Ukrainian grain exports, an expansion in climate change-related funding and conspiracy theorists up in arms about the WHO’s future pandemics treaty.

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A wheat field in Ukraine. (Credit: Polina Rytova/Unsplash)

UN in talks to solve Russia’s blockade of Ukrainian ports. The two countries make up almost a third of global wheat supply. But the ongoing war has resulted in only two million tonnes of grain exported per month, compared with six million tonnes prior to the conflict. The UN aims to negotiate a sea corridor so Ukrainian grain exports can pick back up, but it is proving to be a difficult task. Russia must agree to relinquish its blockade with help from Turkey.

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People queue at a cash machine in Kherson (Credit: (KEYSTONE/SPUTNIK/RIA Novosti)

‘Almost like a concentration camp’. In occupied Kherson, the new reality means high prices, shops filled with Russian products, rubles, no education, and doctors forced to work in military hospitals. Recently, the city in the south of Ukraine also experienced four days of total internet and phone signal blackout.

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Going nowhere is scarier than staying under shelling. Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has cost Oksana Myronenko the life of her mother and health of her father. Myronenko, once a trauma surgeon, didn’t stop fighting. She now dedicates her life rescuing the elderly and disabled people left behind in Ukraine's war.

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Should the screws be tightened on cryptocurrencies? As they become increasingly popular, cryptocurrencies are regularly being put under the spotlight. Some would have them more regulated, some reckon the current framework is sufficient. Who is right, who is wrong? Heidi.news is starting the debate! Cofounder of the cryptocurrency trading platform bity.com Alexis Roussel, economist and MP Samuel Bendahan (PS/VD), and barrister and banking law specialist Carlo Lombardini will share their views on the matter of cryptocurrency regulations. The debate is organised by Heidi.news and will be moderated by Grégoire Barbey. It will take place on 29 June at 19.00 in the Heidi.news newsroom in Geneva, as well as online.

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