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Good morning, today we’re covering a turbulent first day at the Human Rights Council, where members agreed to hold an emergency debate on Ukraine later this week. The IPCC's latest report released yesterday also made for a hair-raising read, sending an urgent warning on the humanitarian impacts of climate change.

On a brighter note, we hear how a Latvian researcher is behind an initiative to help fleeing Ukrainian researchers and students resettle and continue their studies.

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The Russian Federation takes the floor at the Human Rights Council in Geneva, 28 February 2022. (Photo: Geneva Solutions)

Ukraine-Russia conflict hangs heavy over first day Human Rights Council. The main annual session opened with council members voting in favour of holding an emergency debate on the crisis escalating in Ukraine. Ministers and delegates from countries around the world called on Russia to cease hostilities.

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Climate change fuelling humanitarian crises, UN panel says for first time. Climate change is hitting millions of people, forcing people to flee weather events, and search for food and water security, according to a key UN climate report that for the first time explicitly recognises the humanitarian implications of rising temperatures. “The major implication here is the urgency,” said Erin Coughlan, a lead author of the report.

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