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Hi, this is Liv and today we are covering testimonials from victims of torture in the United Arab Emirates heard by a committee in Geneva and the neutral diplomatic city hosting a NATO meeting. Plus, the WHO raises the alarm on monkeypox.

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Victims of torture in the United Arab Emirates speak out. In an atypical twist, victims themselves will be sharing testimonies of the violent, inhumane circumstances under which they were detained in the UAE to the United Nation’s Committee Against Torture this week. The UAE is one of 173 members to the UN convention against torture but accounts of abuses within the country’s borders have persisted.

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Geneva hosts NATO meeting. Switzerland is the first country outside the Western military alliance to do so. Amidst the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, around 250 civilian and military representatives from NATO member and partner states are attending the meeting at Maison de la Paix in Geneva this week.

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An unstoppable desire to go back home despite the war. Many Ukrainians who have fled the war realise that, despite the conflict, it is only in their country that they are truly at home. Between feelings of guilt and devastation on their return, journalist Lyudmila Makei met those who have returned.

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