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Hi, this is Michelle. A UN report from last week exposed the ramifications of the full-speed race to develop green technologies. We spoke to the author.

A UN probe makes harrowing revelations about Russia’s alleged torture methods against Ukrainians. And what can be done to attract attention to the world’s neglected crises?

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A dig site in Pomalaa in southeast Sulawesi. The dig site in Indonesia, the world's largest nickel producer, is part of a gold rush for the critical component used in electric vehicle batteries. (Keystone/AFP/Adek Berry)

☢️UN toxics expert: climate action no good if it poisons the planet. UN human rights expert Marcos Orellana spoke to Geneva Solutions about his latest report to the Human Rights Council on the environmental consequences of an unchecked green transition.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

🔎Russia tortured some Ukrainian victims to death, UN inquiry says. In their latest findings, members of a UN-mandated investigative body said that Russian occupiers tortured Ukrainians so brutally that some of their victims died. Reuters

Reuters (EN)

🎙️How to turn the attention back to the world’s forgotten crises? Fabrizio Carboni, the ICRC’s regional director for the Middle East and one of the speakers at an event on the topic held at the Swiss Press Club last week, shares his perspective.

Radio Cité Genève (FR)

💡Biden’s trade chief pushes WTO reform — with a catch. In a speech on Friday, Tai made no promises about restoring the Appellate Body, arguing instead that the goals should be to revitalise “the agency of members to settle their disputes”. Politico

Politico (EN)

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