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Hello, this is Kasmira and today we're covering the findings of an investigation by the UN human rights office into torture of prisoners of war by both Ukraine and Russia in the long-running conflict. Plus, over at the WHO, news has emerged of its chief scientist departing ahead of broader shake-up.

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A service member of pro-Russian forces, who was exchanged during a prisoners of war (POWs) swap between Ukraine and Russia, meet his relative upon the arrival, as Russia's military operation in Ukraine continues, in the town of Amvrosievka, Donetsk People's Republic, Russia. (Keystone/Sputnik/Alexey Maishev)

Prisoners of war tortured by both Russia and Ukraine, UN probe shows. Both Russia and Ukraine have tortured and ill-treated prisoners captured during the war in Ukraine, the United Nations high commissioner’s office said on Tuesday. The UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine said that over the past few months it has conducted interviews with 159 prisoners of war held by Russia and 175 held by Ukraine. It found cases of abuse and ill-treatment by both sides and called on the warring parties to respect their obligations under the Geneva Conventions.

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