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Good morning, this is Michelle and as our production and consumption habits continue to threaten the health of our planet, we bring you a taste of the solutions small companies are coming up with for a more sustainable economy, from greening IT courses to modular pallets.

We also hear the story of a Ukrainian journalist, who had to leave her home and seek refuge – and a new unexpected source of livelihood – in Western Ukraine.

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Michelle Langrand


Modular pallets, reusable food boxes and eco-friendly IT training

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ReCIRCLE proposes reusable food containers shared by a network of more than 1,800 restaurants across Switzerland. (Credit: Rachel Barbara Häubi)

As the alarm bells of a warming planet continue to go off, companies are emerging all over hoping to come up with the million dollar idea that will revolutionise the economy into a much needed sustainable one.

This year’s Climate Show edition, held at Geneva’s Palexpo exhibition centre on 20 and 21 April, put the spotlight on eco-innovation to help protect the climate and the environment. One of the conferences featured small start-ups working towards a circular economy, meaning that products and materials are reused, recycled and put back into the economy so that they are kept away from the environment.

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Here’s what else is happening

Ukraine Stories

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Coffee shop solution for Kyiv exiles, Mykulychyn, Ukraine on 21 April, 2022. (Credit: Alla Pavliuchenko)

🇺🇦 Rising to the challenge of war: uprooted Ukrainians make fresh start. Ten weeks ago when the war started, millions fled to safety but nobody wanted to start all over again. Everyone had a job and a career and the war nullified everything. Since then, many have started to adapt to new conditions, morally and physically. Alla Pavliuchenko, a journalist from Kyiv, is one of them. She describes her journey with three friends – a dentist, web designer and director – in search of safety to the west of the country and – with savings quickly running out – their decision to open a coffee shop.

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