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Good morning, this is Kasmira. As the Human Rights Council enters its last week, and with over 30 resolutions to be voted on, we’ve dug into some of the key issues to watch out for. Meanwhile at the Palais Wilson, the UN Committee against Torture will be holding its latest session and its Switzerland's turn to have its record examined.

And important findings will be published by the WHO's cancer research arm on Friday on one of the world’s most common sweeteners.

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What to watch this week

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A lack of strong cooperation with the international human rights system leaves States “adrift”, UN human rights chief Volker Türk said at the opening of the 53rd Session of the Human Rights Council, on 19 June. (Credit:UNOG)

🇺🇳Palestine, Quran burning and fight against Nazism during final week of Human Rights Council. As the 53rd session of the council winds down, countries have a slate of issues still to tackle on their plates. Here are some of the top things to watch.

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🇨🇭 Switzerland in the spotlight at UN Committee against Torture. United Nations experts from a torture prevention body will hold its latest session over the next two weeks, with Switzerland’s record to be put under the microscope, followed by Spain, New Zealand and Romania. Switzerland has scored more or less good marks in meeting its obligations under the convention, however, civil society groups have criticised it for not adequately following up on recommendations following inspections and reviews. The treatment of detainees and asylum seekers, conditions in prisons and incidents of police violence are among the key issues likely to be discussed.


🥤WHO to sound alert on popular sweetener. The World Health Organization is set to release new data on Friday on the carcinogenic risks of aspartame, a popular artificial sweetener found in Diet Coke, yoghurt and a wide-range of other food products, the health body confirmed last week. A separate sub-committee will also release guidelines that will help answer consumers’ questions about how much aspartame is safe to consume.

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Also on the agenda

📌 10 July | Julian Assange - the last chance. The Geneva Press Club will host a conference with Stella Moris-Assange, the wife of Julian Assange, today at 2pm, in a final appeal to the press and rights defenders after the UK High Court dismissed the WikiLeaks founder's appeal against extradition to the US.

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📌 10 July | ILO’s 8th Regulating for Decent Work Conference. The conference will look into the impact of current crises on the world of work and on society. Delegates will debate alternative policies and ideas for improving job conditions, tackling inequalities and strengthening social protection systems.


📌 12 July | Ensuring human rights in the face of current global challenges. A side event at the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) which closes this week, panellists including Nada Al-Nashif, deputy UN High Commissioner for Human Rights will discuss the relevance of universal rights to tackling current global challenges, from energy crises to conflicts and pandemics.

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