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Philanthropic funding during the pandemic has shown the sector at its best. But academics in Geneva ask whether tax incentives that come with it are justified - and does philanthropy conflict with principles of democracy?

Plus, a new solution to help meet demand for carbon offsetting, and a benchmark on human rights found that the world's biggest companies are still missing the mark.

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Swiss National Park, the canton of Grisons (Keystone/Gaetan Bally

A new UN push aims to feed the world’s rabid hunger for carbon credits. Many companies bent on zeroing out carbon emissions by mid-century or sooner are seeing their ambitions run up against the same big obstacle: there aren’t enough trees. Backers of the “Green Gigaton Challenge” hope to avert a supply shortfall.

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The hazards of philanthropy and why its tax treatment needs a proper look. Academics at the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy will this week raise a number of problematic questions, such as whether tax incentives for philanthropic initiatives are justified, or does it conflict with principles of democracy?

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G20 should boost trade financing for developing countries, says WTO official. The organization's deputy director-general Alan Wolff told G20 leaders that they should work to provide trillions of dollars in trade financing to ensure the recovery of the global economy from the COVID-19 pandemic,

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Corporate Human Rights Benchmark

Negative human rights impacts are overwhelmingly felt in developing countries. A ranking of 225 global companies found that nearly half faced at least one allegation of a severe human rights issue levied against them, with the majority of these occurring in developing countries. Overall, the 2020 Corporate Human Rights Benchmark found that companies are still falling short in upholding human rights.

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Next on the agenda

30 November | The Geneva Trade and Development Workshop. Mary Amiti, vice president at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York will be hosting the latest in this seminar series aimed at sharing frontier research in trade and development.

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23-24 November | Bold Actions for Food as a Force for Good. The event, which will be co-hosted by 13 organisations, will seek to develop concrete, multi-stakeholder solutions for changing the food system.


25-27 November | Philanthropy and Taxation The conference provides a forum for experts from around the world to exchange knowledge and policy insights on the tax aspects of charitable giving.


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