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Good morning, this is Pip. Today, we’re bringing you more exclusive interviews and features from our special anniversary edition, which grapples with the question of what International Geneva will look like in 20 years time.

First up, if you haven’t met them already, let us introduce you to 12 movers and shakers who are shaping the future of multilateralism, both in the city and worldwide. Staying on the same theme, we’re looking at how Geneva’s success is defined by the actions of its individuals as much as its institutions, from Bill Gates to WHO’s Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

We’re also picking the brains of two more of Geneva’s key figures – Foundation pour Genève’s Marc Pictet and Tatiana Valovaya, director general of the United Nations Office in Geneva – who share their thoughts on the role of the finance sector in paving the city’s future.

Finally, we’re looking further afield to other global cities that are vying with Geneva to take the top spot as the world’s multilateral hub, and asking what might have changed in 20 years time.

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Faces of tomorrow. They are the ones that make the wheels of Geneva go round. In one way or another, these 12 directors, experts, NGO leaders and deep thinkers are among the many individuals shaping the city’s future. Here are our ‘faces of tomorrow’.

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Are individuals or institutions the engine of International Geneva? Geneva’s success has been shaped over more than a century by its international institutions but also by the actions of influential figures. As challenges become more global and complex, which will become more important to drive change?

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Here’s what else is happening

More from our special edition

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The iconic Broken Chair at the Place des Nations. (Credit: Keystone/Interfoto/Hanna Wagner)

Amid tough competition, will Geneva remain the capital of multilateralism? As global challenges become more complex, global cities are springing up all over. Some are already stepping on the heels of the international city of Geneva.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

Marc Pictet: ‘Doing good means also doing well’. Banker and philanthropist Marc Pictet is walking in the steps of his uncle Ivan after taking over as president of the Fondation pour Genève in 2020. He speaks to Geneva Solutions about carrying on the legacy of one of International Geneva’s leading advocates, and the role of the finance sector in shaping its future.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

Opinion of the day

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Global goals are in the red: is sustainable finance up to the challenge? “While it is too soon to say whether the rapid rise of sustainable investing is a watershed moment in finance, one thing is sure,” writes Tatiana Valovaya, director general of the United Nations Office in Geneva. “The stakes are higher than ever.”

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