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Good morning, this is Zelda. I am the editor of Geneva Solutions’ Technology section. I am thrilled to be sharing exciting content with you each week.

I will be live on our website next Wednesday, 2 September at 5pm to discuss our technology coverage with our editorial director Serge Michel as part of a webcast series for our launch.

Today’s features include Law Professor Jacques de Werra’s insights on Internet fragmentation and Venice's "VR expanded" settling in Geneva.

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Zelda Chauvet, Geneva


A few introductory words

As our children go back to school this week, I can't help but wonder how we can continue to learn and challenge the information along the way. As a journalist, I believe that behind every question or problem there is a solution, a better path to follow, to embrace the giant technological steps we are taking day after day into the unknown.

Artificial intelligence, Internet governance, connected bodies, virtual reality… all these issues are discussed in Geneva. The possibilities to dream another reality are numerous. But how can we make sure we do not forget the human factor in the process — the protection of our data, better and equal access for all, a sensitive and ethical approach to tech developments themselves while integrating the sustainable development goals?

I look forward to reflecting on what the future holds for us, with you.

Today’s reason for hope

Humans aren’t inherently selfish – we’re actually hardwired to work together. What if cooperation, egalitarianism, altruism and peacefulness were more natural to human beings than racism, warfare and male domination? If this is indeed true, these negative factors can't be explained in evolutionary terms. In other words, the "good" side of our nature is much more deep-rooted than the "evil" one. A good start to imagine new ways to work together.

The Conversation (EN)

On going matters

How is International Geneva shaping up? International Geneva is an important hub for multilateralism. The Swiss government continues to promote and invest in it. But it’s changing and facing new challenges. How is it to work there? Here are some answers.

Swissinfo (EN)

Severe paralysis for Jacob Blake, as protesters demonstrate. Jacob Blake, the black man shot by police in Kenosha, has been paralyzed from the waist down, his father said. Meanwhile, demonstraters were met with police using teargas and flash-bang grenades during their second night of protest.

The Guardian (EN)

The wheat of the future will grow in buildings. Five harvests a year instead of just one: this is the promise of vertical agriculture. Vegetables and fruits grow in buildings, floor after floor, in huge halls one on top of the other. But can the promise be kept?

Heidi.news (FR)

Technology news

  • Can Geneva became the leader in global digital policy? TikTok and WeChat, President Trump and the ban, the world trembles as the Internet faces fragmentation. Law Professor Jacques de Werra, Director of the Digital Law Center at the University of Geneva shares his thoughts and expertise on the matter with us.
    Geneva Solutions (EN)
  • Geneva virtually featured in Venice. The Geneva-based artist, Gilles Jobin, presents his latest VR creation at the Comédie in Eaux-Vives, as part of the "VR expanded" experience of the 77th Venice International Film Festival. "La Comédie Virtuelle" is the first step of a long-term project that will contribute to the XR hub Geneva has become.
    Geneva Solutions (EN)

Image of the day

Photo article

Gilles Jobin

The Geneva-based artist, Gilles Jobin, invites the public on a VR journey at the Comédie in Eaux-Vives next week. "La Comédie virtuelle" is competing in the "VR expanded" section of the 77th Venice International Film Festival.

Next on the agenda

27 August (02:00PM) | Online: We believe in games. The WSIS Forum 2020 invites the NGO Video games without borders to discuss the positive impact digital games can have. Games can help to enforce the 17 sustainable development goals, especially the questions related to health and education.

WSIS Forum 2020 (EN)

2 September (11:00AM) | La Comédie virtuelle. The Geneva-based choreographer Gilles Jobin does not satisfy himself with the "wow" of technological prowess and invents a real language, making this immersive discovery of the Comédie's new building a work in its own right. A VR experience curated by the Venice Film Festival available until 12 September.

La Comédie (EN)

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