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Good morning, this is Zelda bringing you the latest tech news, as we discover how technology becomes a solution for building a better tomorrow.

Coding becomes an empowering tool for refugees with inspiring Priya Burci of Powercoders. We'll also discuss the new EU-US agenda proposed by the European Commission, and go online to buy art by emerging artists.

And before you leave, don't forget to check out our latest video about internet governance with Doreen Bogdan-Martin, as part of our series in partnership with the Fondation pour Genève.

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Zelda Chauvet


Today’s reason for hope

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Priya Burc, CEO Powercoders International.

Priya Burci: "Powercoders is really about empowering refugees". Priya Burci chose coding to make a difference. As chief executive of Powercoders International since 2018, she contributes to expanding the organisation’s mission to new horizons. The non-profit association is focused on training refugees in IT solutions, giving them a better chance at entering the job market and making a new start in life.

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Technology News

EU seeks out fresh approach to tech governance under Biden administration The EU laid out a new agenda for cooperation with the US in shaping technologies, their use, and their regulatory environment.

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A new platform for young Swiss artists. Arie Art Agency is a digital platform addressing the difficulties emerging artists face to make themselves known.

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Swiss technology used in Azerbaijani military drones, report claims. Drones using Swiss-made components were reportedly deployed by the Azerbaijan army in the recent conflict with Armenia.

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Here's what else is happening

Image of the day

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The images above shows the diversity of collision outcomes. (Credit: Computational Astrophysics and Cosmology)

Machine learning applied to simulations of collisions between rotating, differentiated planets. In the late stages of terrestrial planet formation, pairwise collisions between planetary-sized bodies act as the fundamental agent of planet growth. This paper written by Swiss researchers shows that data-driven emulation techniques are capable of classifying and predicting the outcome of collisions with high accuracy and are generalizable to any quantifiable post-impact quantity. This image shows the diversity of collision outcomes.

Computational Astrophysics and Cosmology (EN)


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Doreen Bogdan-Martin. Source: ITU.

🎥 Internet governance in International Geneva. Discover our video series in collaboration with the Fondation pour Genève about internet governance and the role of Geneva featuring leading actors from the industry. In this episode: Doreen Bogdan-Martin, director of the ITU's telecommunication development bureau.

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Next on the agenda

10 December | The data wave in global health: what are the implications fo human rights? The online roundtable will address this question with the contributors to the December issue of the Health and Human Rights Journal.

The Graduate Institute (EN)

16 December | Disinformation and democracy. Last conference of the University of Geneva digital series.

University of Geneva (EN)

12 December | 10-year-old girls: learn how to program with Python! Girls aged 10 and over can learn how to program with Python and learn more about women in science as part of CodeWeek 2020.

Rights Tech Women (EN)

Until 28 February | Calvin in America. Visit the exhibition and make a VR journey on board of the Mayflower.

Musée de la Réforme (FR)

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