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Good morning, this is Zelda bringing you all there is to know this week on Technology.

Our features will give voice to those who take part in building a better tomorrow, starting with the empowering young tech expert Yacine Ndiaye. We're also covering new guidelines for digital transformation and focusing on the importance of transparency in health data collection, storage and use.

And before leaving you, we look closer at a brand new report on internet governance in international Geneva.

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Today’s reason for hope

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The next generation of tech leaders offer to bring the future to the table. The future is today. There is no time to waste. No one knows that better than young people. Everyday, they make their voices heard to change the world, and Geneva is the perfect place to be part of decision-making processes. Yacine Ndiaye, 27 years old, is one of them. As a Tech for Health expert, she wants to leverage her knowledge and connection with the future.

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Paving the way for more transparency in health data. Data management is sensitive, particularly when health is concerned. The anthropologist and human rights advocate based at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, Meg Davis invites us not to forget the human rights factor.

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A promise to build the digital regulatory system back better. Addressing the challenges of digital transformation in the aftermath of crisis and beyond was the main focus of ITU’s Global Symposiun for Regulators, which took place last week online. The 20th edition ended with the presentation of a new series of Best Practice Guidelines.

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Geneva carves its place as a home for internet governance. The internet has become part of global society in an intricate and challenging way. As a result, internet governance has become a central issue. Geneva emerges as a significant actor in the process but there are more efforts to be made, according to the latest report published by the Fondation pour Genève in collaboration with the Graduate Institute.  

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What else is happening

  • Switzerland is everywhere in space research. On December 18, 2019, the space telescope CHEOPS launched aboard a Soyuz rocket from Kourou in Guyana. It was the first Swiss mission in tandem with the European Space Agency. But Swiss technology already had a strong presence in space and aboard American, Russian, Chinese and Japanese probes.
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  • The great return of the QR Code in Switzerland, from tombstones to bars and discos. In restaurants, clubs and cemeteries, on official documents and greeting cards: these pictograms are now everywhere. The pandemic and the evolution of smartphones are giving new life to this link between the real and virtual worlds.
    Le Temps (FR)
  • Internet Shutdowns Don’t Help Authoritarians Stop Protests. In the last decade, regimes around the world have become more and more accustomed to flicking the switch on internet services, seemingly as a means of disrupting activists’ efforts to communicate and mobilise. But researchers are finding that, as in Belarus, the approach seldom seems to work. In fact, it may even backfire in some cases, sparking prolonged or more violent demonstrations.
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Image of the day

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Joe Biden is stepping up efforts to win over young voters. His campaign is taking over a popular Instagram account from a teen supporter, who built a huge following over their summer break. Formerly a fan account, @VoteJoe account will now serve as the campaign’s primary point of grassroots outreach on Instagram, supplementing Biden’s personal account.

Next on the agenda

09 September: La Bâtie - Champ. The duo’s Champ will feature in the Temple des Pâquis with organist Vincent Thévenaz performing on the venue’s organ. Sounds collide with a field of industrial church candles composed of a hundred or so fluorescent tubes scattered across the pews and monitored by computers to form a choreographed wave-like movement. Through this unique, dreamlike installation and performance, the three artists offer a spiritual rite where contemporary technology resonates with a history-filled venue that has withstood the passage of time.

La Bâtie (EN)

15 September | Online: Microsoft’s contribution to a green recovery. Taking a sustainable approach to post-COVID-19 recovery is essential for rebuilding a healthy society and a healthy economy. Microsoft’s Chief Environmental Officer Lucas Joppa talks about the still-urgent need for global cuts in greenhouse gas emissions and the opportunities for a greener recovery. Microsoft has set itself ambitious yet achievable goals to become carbon negative by 2030 and by 2050 to remove the company’s historical emissions since 1975—innovating with AI, data, and technology to make it happen.

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16 September | Online: Round table on the future of internet governance in Geneva. With the launch of the report "Geneva and Internet Governance", the Geneva Foundation and the Graduate Institute's Centre for Trade and Economic Integration are organizing a roundtable discussion with a panel of experts. The objective is to discuss the issues and challenges of internet governance and the role that Geneva could play in this area.

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