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Good morning, this is Michelle with our last newsletter of the season. We’re taking a short break but will be back with more in September! In the meantime, you can find our stories on our website.

To bid you farewell for now, we look at how record-breaking temperatures have fueled an intense fire season in Europe and other regions. As climate change accelerates, driving up the risk of bigger and more intense wildfires, we asked conservationists how we can make forests more resilient.

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Climate change is driving wildfires – can we tame the flames?

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For the past two weeks firefighters have been battling to tame the blazes across Europe as a record-breaking heatwave struck several parts of the region. Leaders have promised to ramp up fighting power and be better equipped next time. But as hotter and drier weather conditions driven by climate change threaten to ignite bigger and more intense wildfires, conservationists are now thinking how to adapt to the new normal and make habitats more resilient.

Wildfires are as old as forests themselves. Across the Mediterranean region, they’re a yearly event that destroys homes and forces people to evacuate. But to its ecosystems, it is part of the natural life-cycle that allows them to gradually burn through the accumulated biomass. Some plant species have even evolved to actually thrive in those conditions, for example resisting the flames with their thick cortices or even using the fire to clear the ground for seeding.

But fires are changing…

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📱Ukrainian app can spot the Russian spy hiding in your pocket. As Russian missiles continue to strike Ukraine soil, the virtual realm has also become a battleground. Only, hacking operations and phishing campaigns are the weapons of choice and they’re used to target government websites, disrupt public services or steal sensitive data. MacPaw, a Ukraine-based software company, has been using its expertise to help Ukrainians protect themselves from cyber attacks.

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