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Hi, this is Paula. Known for its discretion and its focus on providing aid to those most in need, the Swiss Red Cross has rarely stirred controversy, according to its official historian.

But the sudden departure of senior management members in December is now causing concern. Some fear the internal shakeup may even have an impact on the aid group’s representation in global response efforts.

And following the devastating earthquake on the border between Turkey and Syria, Swiss aid workers have joined rescue efforts.

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Swiss Red Cross staff packing relief items for the Gaza strip, 21 January 2009 in Wabern near Bern, Switzerland. (Keystone/Peter Schneider)

Swiss Red Cross shakeup sparks ramification fears. The global aid movement known for its inverted Swiss flag emblem and the response it provides to those most in need is seeing its home country organisation face its worst internal crisis ever. Shortly ahead of the winter holidays, the Swiss Red Cross announced it was “separating” from its longtime director, Markus Mader, just days before four members of its management council were added to the list of departures. The shakeup has stirred fears of what it may mean for the government supported organisation regarding its global representation.

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