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Hi, this is Paula. By establishing themselves in Geneva, charitable foundations not only benefit from proximity to NGOs that they fund, but other perks that may allow them to exploit less honourable purposes.

After crowds in Gaza recently attacked aid deliveries arriving on a newly completed dock, WFP says other options need to be considered to curb famine. Meanwhile, an Israeli news site described ‘terror’ in Geneva amid university protests supporting Gaza.

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Paula Dupraz-Dobias


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Geneva, a global hub for charitable foundations. (Geneva Solutions/Paula Dupraz-Dobias)

🤫Unchecked empires: Who watches Geneva’s million-francs foundations? Ease to register philanthropic organisations, proximity to international agencies and NGOs and tax incentives are some of the factors driving foundations to register in the city.

Swissinfo (EN)

🚚UN food agency warns new US sea route for Gaza aid may fail unless conditions improve. The World Food Programme, which is working with USAID to coordinate deliveries, says it is now looking at alternative routes after trucks were looted by crowds and Rafah crossings were closed.

Associated Press (EN)

😧When an Israeli press article says Geneva is a “city where terror reigns”. According to accounts told on online news site Ynet, the city’s “climate of terror” extends beyond the public university to other learning establishments.

Le Temps (paywall) (FR)

💸A programme meant to help developing nations fight climate change is funnelling billions of dollars back to rich countries. With most climate finance in the form of loans granted at market rates, as opposed to discounted rates typical for aid, developing countries are burdened with debt they can’t repay.

Reuters (EN)

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