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Hi there, this is Michelle. As fighting continues to engulf Sudan, international efforts are being deployed left and right to try to stop the violence. But for Sudanese civil society, the international community is just repeating past mistakes that got them into this mess in the first place.

In other Geneva news, Gavi’s top position is up for grabs again. And did you miss Ecosoc’s humanitarian meet? Here’s what you need to know.

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Sara Ibrahim Abdelgalil, a Sudanese UK-based doctor and democracy activist, was in Geneva this week to speak about human rights abuses being committed as two rival generals fight for power in Sudan. (Geneva Solutions/Michelle Langrand)

‘We told them this will not work, but they would not listen to the people’. While aid groups scramble to reach people trapped by the fighting in Sudan, states have launched mediation efforts to try to bring the fighting to a halt. But these have been to little avail, with ceasefires repeatedly disregarded and recent reports of interethnic violence in west Darfur sparking further concerns. For Sara Ibrahim Adelgalil, a UK-based doctor and member of Sudan’s Doctors for Human Rights, the international community is failing at its job.

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