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Hi, this is Paula. As the idea of establishing a tribunal to consider remedies to transatlantic slavery gains support globally, a leading advocate of reparations threw in his support at a key forum in Geneva.

A UNDP data centre is hacked, potentially undermining the integrity of operations, while an NGO argues that focusing on public health would be a win-win for Nestlé.

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Members of the Batoto Yetu dance company perform during the opening of the second session of the Permanent Forum on People of African Descent at the United Nations in New York, 30 May 2023. (Flickr/UN Photo/Loey Felipe)

⛓️Caribbean ambassador calls for global action to establish slavery tribunal. Barbados’s envoy to Caricom stressed in Geneva at the Permanent Forum on People of African Descent the need for a tribunal to set rules on reparations claims.

Reuters (EN)

⏏️UNDP hit by cyberattack: HR and procurement data breached. An attack on the agency’s data server in Copenhagen targeted sensitive information, including human resources and procurement data.

The Cyber Express (EN)

🦠Latest pandemic agreement draft keeps equity hopes alive. A streamlined 23-page draft is the latest ahead of the final gathering of the intergovernmental negotiations body.

Health Policy Watch (EN)

⛑️UN says US Gaza pier plan compromises its neutrality. Washington has been pressing UN agencies to collaborate in a plan together with Israeli defence forces to deliver aid over a yet-to-be-built pontoon.

Devex (EN)

Opinion of the day

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Nestlé’s inclusion of coffee, infant food and milk formula in its disclosure of “nutritious” food sales is likely to have inflated estimates, ShareAction argues. (Nestlé)

Why investing in public health is a win-win strategy that can protect Nestlé’s profits. Nestlé’s shareholders have a golden opportunity to call on the food giant to promote healthier lives in almost two hundred countries by backing a bold resolution at the multinational’s annual general meeting this week. Doing so can protect their profits in the long term, campaigners at UK charity ShareAction write.

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