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Hello, this is Leah. Today we are exploring the rising global stockpiling of nuclear weapons as the Ukraine war heightens tensions, a new course on the psychology of sustainable development, and a study by the WHO approving a game changing single dose HPV vaccine against cervical cancer.

We are also excited to announce our new project, Ukraine Stories, a collaboration with Ukrainian journalists to amplify their voices.

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This 25 July 2021 satellite image shows what analysts from the Federation of American Scientists believe is construction of a missile silo near Hami in China. (Photo: Planet Labs PBC/AP/NTB)

☢️ World’s stockpile of ‘usable’ nuclear weapons is increasing, watchdog warns. The world’s nine nuclear-armed states had an arsenal of 12,705 warheads at the beginning of 2022 – of which around 9,440 are “usable” on missiles, aircraft, submarines and other weapons systems. That’s the equivalent to the energy released from the explosion of 138,000 Hiroshima-bombs, the Nuclear Weapons Ban Monitor said in its report launched in Geneva on Monday. Its authors warned countries including China, India, North Korea and Pakistan continued to increase their stockpiles and, at this rate, could soon reverse the trend of overall decline in nuclear weapons. The report comes as Russia’s war on Ukraine puts the world on edge over the resurgent threat of a nuclear conflict.

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Here’s what else is happening

We’re launching a new project!

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Support for Ukrainian and Russian journalists Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, journalists from both countries have been working in extremely difficult conditions. To support them, we are launching “Ukraine Stories”, a project aiming to give them a platform and financial support to allow them to continue their essential work.

You too can help these journalists by supporting “Ukraine Stories” on wemakeit!

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