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Good morning, this is Michelle. Nearly a year into Sudan's bloody war, foreign powers have failed to clinch a ceasefire. We speak to the UN’s human rights expert on Sudan about the spiralling humanitarian crisis and why efforts have so far failed to halt the fighting.

This week, the Human Rights Council will hear from a UN probe on Iran’s 2022 crackdown on protests, which has concluded crimes against humanity were committed by the authorities, while upcoming elections in Russia will be in the minds of many.

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Radhouane Nouicer, designated expert for Sudan, during the 54th session of the Human Rights Council, 12 September 2023. (UN Photo/Jean Marc Ferré)

‘Sudan crisis has taken on epic dimension,’ says UN human rights expert. Eleven months into Sudan’s bloody civil war, the country’s warring parties are no closer to finding a peaceful resolution, with millions of Sudanese paying the price. In an interview with Geneva Solutions, Radhouane Nouicer says both sides need to show more political will to silence their guns.

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What to watch this week

🗳️To the polls. With most of the opposition exiled, in jail or dead, the way is clear for Russian president Vladimir Putin to be reelected over the weekend after 25 consecutive years in power. But that doesn’t mean the Kremlin isn’t worried about making sure things run smoothly, especially since Russians are showing little interest in casting their vote. According to media revelations, the Kremlin had planned to spend up to €1 billion in propaganda efforts to win votes.

🪧Iran 2022 protests. The fact-finding mission set up to investigate abuses committed during Iran’s crackdown on protests following the death of Mahsa Amini in 2022 will present its conclusions to the Human Rights Council on Friday. Published earlier, the report states that the killing, imprisonment, rape, torture and other forms of ill-treatment of the protesters amount to crimes against humanity. The findings come a week after a low-record turnout for elections.

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