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Morning, this is Kasmira, and today we're reading up about the UN's new special envoy for innovative finance, Hiro Mizuno, and what's needed to narrow the global inequality gap.

We're also looking at why risk is still proving a major obstacle in encouraging investments in projects that contribute to the sustainable development goals. Plus, a private-sector initiative for scaling carbon offsets is met with skepticism by some environmental groups.

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Today’s reason for hope

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A mother and daughter from Congo in Mugombwa refugee camp in Rwanda, with fortified food from WFP. Dutch food company DSM, cited in the article, has been working with the WFP to develop new food technologies to tackle malnutrition. (Credit: WFP/Rein Skullerud)

Invention is the mother of profitability. "The Sustainable Development Goals are a statement of what the world needs by 2030 — and where there’s needs there’s opportunity," Mark Lancelott, a sustainability expert at PA consulting tells the Financial Times in this piece exploring why new technologies can both bring benefits to the world's poorest and to investors as well.

Financial Times (EN)

Sustainable business and finance news

🐘 Investors are waking up to the SDGs, but risk still the elephant in the room. Despite ever-growing momentum around the sustainability agenda, businesses are still far from reaching the sustainability goals they set for themselves and from making concrete contributions to the SDGs, says Steve Rocco, of Geneva-based investment adviser Ground_Up Project. He argues that risk remains a key barrier to investment.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

⚖️ Creating fairer finance. In January, the United Nations appointed Hiro Mizuno, a Tesla board member and former chief investment officer of Japan's Government Pension Investment Fund, as special envoy on innovative finance and sustainable investments. In this interview, Mizuno addresses how the financial sector can help bridge the growing divide between the rich and poor.

UN News (EN)

🌱 Green groups raise concerns over Carney carbon credits plan. On Wednesday last week, a taskforce set up by UN climate envoy Mark Carney set out a blueprint for carbon offsetting, even as campaigners warned that it may not be the best approach to tackling climate change. Speaking at the World Economic Forum, Carney said "it's one piece of the puzzle".

The Guardian (EN)

Here's what else is happening

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Taq Kasra (Credit: Consultancy for Conservation and Development)

Rescuing the Arch of Ctesiphon. ALIPH, a Geneva-based foundation dedicated to protecting cultural heritage sites in conflict areas, has joined forces with the Iraqi Ministry of Culture to restore the Arch of Ctesiphon, the world’s largest brick vault constructed until modern times. The foundation's board has approved a $700,000 grant so that a conservation team from the University of Pennsylvania can implement emergency measures to save the arch from collapse.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

Next on the agenda

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