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Hi, this is Pip. Today, we’re taking a closer look at a report delivered by UN experts this week into crimes against humanity committed by Venezuela’s intelligence agencies.

We’re also getting the latest from the UN General Assembly in New York, where Russia’s invasion of Ukraine dominated President Biden’s address to world leaders yesterday.

In other news, we’re covering fresh warnings from the WHO about non-communicable diseases, and looking at some of the criticisms levelled at “green” finance.

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Venezuelan President Maduro and other high-level officials are accused of personally selecting targets for arrest and torture by intelligence agencies. (Keystone/EPA EFE/Miguel Gutierrez)

UN: Venezuela committing crimes against humanity to crush dissent. Venezuela’s intelligence agencies are committing crimes against humanity as part of a plan orchestrated at the highest levels of government to crush dissent in the country, the UN has warned. In a report released on Tuesday, a group of UN experts tasked with investigating alleged violations in Venezuela said it had uncovered how members of the intelligence services worked with President Nicolás Maduro and other high level officials to target and torture perceived opponents of the government.

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