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Good morning, this is Michelle. The last four months of a full-blown war between Israel and Hamas have been the cause of a lot of pain in both sides which couldn’t – and shouldn’t – be compared.

Earlier this week, Swiss-Israelis set up in Place des Nations an exhibit recreating the horrid conditions under which the hostages are thought to be held. With little to no information about their safety and whereabouts, families can only hope that this is the worst they’re going through.

We spoke to one of the relatives, who was in Geneva for that same occasion to tell his story to ambassadors and anyone who would care to listen, in the hopes of seeing his loved ones back home.

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An exhibition in Place des Nations from 5 to 6 February replicates the conditions Israeli hostages are feared to be living in for the past four months. (Geneva Solutions/Michelle Langrand)

Exhibit in Geneva of Hamas tunnels seeks to keep plight of Israeli hostages alive. On the corner of the Place des Nations, a grim-looking container stands opposite the signature giant red chair monument. Inside, a faint glow illuminates a cramped bathroom and sleeping area meant to recreate the conditions of captivity Israeli hostages are thought to be living under in Hamas tunnels since their abduction by Palestinian militants on 7 October. Visitors can hear recordings playing in the background of shootings and people crying as they hid in fear on that fateful day.

Four months after over 200 Israelis were taken by Hamas, Israeli civil society and the families of the hostages in Geneva call on the international community to do more to bring them home.

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