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Good morning, this is Michelle and this week hundreds of NGOs travelled to Geneva for the annual consultations with the UN Refugee Agency, aimed at better addressing current challenges.

But what if the answer to the refugee crisis is within the refugees themselves? We met with three refugee leaders who are trying to prove this and change negative perceptions about their communities.

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Refugees lead the charge

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Jean-Paul Bahikye Kasika, Shaza Alrihawi and Mauricio Vilora from the Global Refugee-led Network (GRN) gather in Geneva from 7 to 10 June for UNHCR’s consultations with NGOs. (Credit: Geneva Solutions/ML)

When Shaza Alrihawi found a bullet on her car one morning, it was the final straw convincing her she needed to get out of Syria. Like thousands of Syrians, she went to Germany in search of safety in 2015, around the height of the civil war. But she doesn’t want this to be the point of her story.

At 44 years old, Alrihawi is also one of the leaders of her community working to improve asylum policies in Europe, through the Global Refugee-led Network (GRN). Founded in 2018 in the wake of the first-ever Global Summit of Refugees, the GRN advocates for refugee-self representation organisations to promote refugee participation and inclusion.

Alrihawi and fellow refugees were in Geneva this week to take part in the UN Refugee Agency’s (UNHCR) annual consultations. The event “brings together humanitarian workers, refugees and other displaced people and civil society to discuss how we together can address current challenges,” according to Annika Sandlund, UNHCR’s head of partnerships and coordination.

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