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Hi, this is Michelle. The UN human rights chief judged Israel’s evacuation orders contrary to international law.

The Azerbaijani president of this year's UN climate talks made a plea for transparency, and Europe’s housing problem could become a political trap if left unaddressed.

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Internally displaced Palestinians, ncluding women and children, carry heir belongings after an evacuation rder issued by the Israeli army, in afah, southern Gaza Strip, 6 May 2024. Keystone/EPA/HAITHAM IMAD)

🧳 UN rights chief calls Israeli orders to relocate Palestinians from Rafah ‘inhumane’. As Israel carried out airstrikes in Rafah hours after telling Palestinians to 'temporarily' evacuate the eastern part of the Gaza city, the UN human rights chief Volker Türk said relocating tens of thousands of people to other flattened parts of Gaza lacking the infrastructure to receive them risked exposing them to more danger.

Reuters (EN)

🔎Poorer nations must be transparent over climate spending, says Cop29 leader. Developing countries are expected to submit transparency reports about their efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions by the end of the year while developed states had until 2022 to present theirs.

The Guardian (EN)

🏢 Fix Europe’s housing crisis or risk fuelling the far-right, UN expert warns. Public anger over soaring rent and housing prices could easily be exploited by far-right parties, which polls predict will do very well in European parliament elections next month.

The Guardian (EN)

🤝Arab nations warm to peacekeeping force for Gaza. Countries are scrambling to figure out who will administer the Strip after the war. An idea, previously rejected by Arab states and now possibly pushed by Egypt, would be to create a Security Council-backed multinational mission.

Financial Times (EN)

🇷🇺In Russia, a large but resigned majority supports the will of the Kremlin. The war in Ukraine has led to a drop in unemployment and a rise in industrial production and wages in previously deprived regions of Russia, writes columnist Eric Hoesli. He argues that this economic boom is why a majority of Russians, according to a recent poll, have largely accepted the war.

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