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Good morning, this is Michelle and today we ask why seeds are key to coping with the climate challenges that agriculture faces as a UN report due to be presented at the Human Rights Council on Monday urges countries to protect their farmers’ seed systems.

As attempts to evacuate Ukrainians from Kharkiv, Mariupol and other heavily bombed cities failed one after the other this week, we hear why we should not place all hope on humanitarian corridors.

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Michelle Langrand


Saving seeds to survive climate change

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Farmers harvesting a rice field. (Credit: Pixabay)

Farmers and indigenous peoples have saved, used and bartered seeds for thousands of years, resulting in rich, diverse gene pools. But current laws favouring commercial seeds used in industrial agriculture are posing a threat to this knowledge, according to the UN special rapporteur on the human right to food, Michael Fakhri.

In his latest report, which he will present to the Human Rights Council on Monday, Fahkri warns that countries are not properly protecting farmers' traditional ways and instead are increasingly favouring intellectual property rights and contract laws.

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Humanitarian corridors in Ukraine: the illusion of an ideal solution. History teaches us that it would be a mistake to place too much hope in a temporary and restricted right of passage, the respect of which is subject to the fragile goodwill of the parties to the conflict, Françoise Duroch, head of the Research Unit on Humanitarian Stakes and Practices (UREPH) at MSF Switzerland and Maelle L'Homme, a research officer in this unit explain. Geneva Solutions

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The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the limitations of Swiss schools and the education system at the global level. This raises a fundamental question: should we rethink everything? Heidi.news, in collaboration with Le Temps and the Geneva FIFDH, embarked on a year-long journey of investigating and reporting on solutions from Switzerland and beyond to find out what works.

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