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Hi, this is Michelle. Today we’re exploring a climate solution that has academics divided on the moral implications. Should we alter sunshine to avert global warming?

We’re also hearing about a discreet UN agency increasingly coming to the forefront as weather disasters worsen. Plus, we get a much needed lesson on the complex world of science diplomacy.

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Climate altering technologies, such as using high-altitude planes to spray light-deflecting sulphur particles into the atmosphere, are among some of the options being discussed to help minimise global warming. (Credit: Paul Brennan/Pixabay)

Should we talk about solar geoengineering? As the world fails to rapidly curb its greenhouse gas emissions and moves dangerously closer to warming over the 1.5ºC limit, using technology to intervene in the Earth’s natural systems and counter climate change is gaining traction – but not without controversy. One of the most talked about geoengineering solutions, solar radiation modification (SRM), sparked heated discussions at the Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator (Gesda)’s summit, held last week in Geneva.

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