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Good morning, today we’ve heard that the Taliban are in town for an unusual visit. We're also covering a new UN report revealing that people's sense of security is at its lowest point in a decade despite living in an increasingly developed world.

Plus, the recent cyberattack against the ICRC was so sophisticated it could have come from a state, its data experts have found, and NGOs can draw some valuable lessons from Silicon Valley’s fraud scandal.

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⚠️ Feeling unsafe in a developed world. Well-lit streets, decent work, rule of law, access to healthcare, heating and cooling in the home: these are a few things that help people feel more secure. But how well does a country’s Human Development Index – a measure of longevity, health, education, and standard of living – indicate its peoples’ sense of security? Not as well as once thought, according to the UN Development Programme's latest report on human security.

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🛬 Exclusive: Taliban land in Geneva. A Taliban delegation arrived in Geneva on Sunday and will be staying in town for a few days. It is probably the first trip to the West for the militia that seized power last year in Afghanistan. Invited by a Geneva-based NGO, the Taliban will also be meeting larger organisations based in the city and active in Afghanistan. Geneva Solutions will follow the outcome and the circumstances of this unusual visit…

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