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Hello, this is Achintya and today we examine this week’s hot topic – the Pegasus spyware scandal – and speak with Geneva experts on cybersecurity and digital governance.

On the same theme, we look at accusations from the US and allies about China-based hackers infiltrating Microsoft servers in March, along with the response from the Chinese government.

And finally, we take to the skies and join Solar Impulse pilots Bertand Piccard and André Borschberg on their first joint flight, this time in an electric plane.

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🏡 Project Pegasus and the right to cultivate one’s personal digital garden. In the wake of the latest revelations regarding the espionage tool Pegasus, whose high-profile targets include French president Emmanuel Macron, Jovan Kurbalija of the Geneva Internet Platform reminds us that privacy defines who we are: “The more this type of spying there is, the more it endangers democratic processes and the very solidity of our social fabric.”

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🛩️ A joint electric adventure. In 2016, Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg took turns to pilot Solar Impulse 2, as they flew around the world. On 19 July, to commemorate the fifth anniversary of their fuel-free flight, they flew together, sharing the cockpit for the first time, in an electric motor plane in Sion, Switzerland. Piccard is hopeful that electric planes will carry up to ten people in two or three years’ time.

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Microsoft offices in Beijing. Credit: AP Photo/Andy Wong

🇺🇸🇨🇳 US-China tensions over Microsoft hack. Together with several allies, US officials blame Chinese hackers associated with China’s government for the attack against the Microsoft Exchange messaging service, which affected at least 30,000 companies, cities and local institutions last March. In a press conference on Tuesday, China’s foreign ministry spokesperson deemed these accusations “groundless” and “politically motivated”.


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