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Hello, this is Paula. The chairmanship of this year’s International Labour Organization’s conference continues to spark outrage among global workers groups who don’t want the world to lose sight of the ongoing reality for migrant employees in Qatar.

It’s not the only country facing outcry at the UN labour organisation after eight Iranian labour groups called out Tehran’s presence in the organisation’s yearly meet.

And the World Health Organization has been caught in the crossfire of a fiery Republican race for US elections in 2024.

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Qatari minister of labour, Ali bin Samikh Al Marri, chairs the 111th session of the International Labour Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, 5 June 2023. (Keystone/Pierre Albouy)

Workers react at Qatar presidency of labour meet. Even before Qatar’s labour minister Ali bin Samikh Al Marri was confirmed on Monday by consensus to preside over the International Labour Organization’s annual meeting in Geneva, the vote was a fait accompli, having already received the support of the Asian block of member states, whose turn it was to chair the event. But it was not without criticism from workers groups.

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