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Good morning, this is Nicolas. Today, we’re following statements from Gavi’s chief executive, who worries that the new Omicron variant could exacerbate vaccine inequalities.

Sticking to global health, we learn that Omicron could resist existing Covid vaccines. Meanwhile, Iran has agreed to replace the security cameras at its nuclear site, but UN inspectors will not be able to access all their footage.

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A shipment of Covid-19 vaccines sent through the Covax scheme is unloaded in Barbados, on 6 April 2021. (Credits: Flickr/PMO Barbados).

🌍Omicron could trigger ‘Inequity 2.0.’ As the latest Covid-19 variant continues to spread across the globe, so does the need for booster shots. According to the head of Gavi, Dr. Seth Berkley, there are early signs that rich countries are starting to hold back on vaccine donations. If Omicron resists the existing vaccines the consequences could run deep: “if it turns out that new variant vaccines are required,” he says, “there may be an ‘Inequity 2.0’ where we see wealthy countries hoard those vaccines once again, like we saw at the beginning of the pandemic.”

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