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Good morning, this is Liv, and this week we’re keeping an eye on the second UN ocean conference, which kicks off today in Lisbon at a critical time when conservation is intersecting with climate change.

As the Human Rights Council continues its 50th session, its newly appointed expert on human rights and climate change tells us how he plans to connect these two parallel universes over the next three years of his mandate. Plus, the Council is to meet on Friday to discuss the retreat of women rights in Afghanistan.

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A clown fish in the ocean near Queensland, Australia. (Credit: Giorgia Doglioni/Unsplash)

UN ocean conference kicks off today. From miles-long dead zones caused by pesticides to countless human activities destroying marine ecosystems, our oceans are suffering. The second United Nations Ocean Conference, from 27 June to 1 July in Lisbon, Portugal, is aiming to translate science-based solutions into worldwide action to protect the ocean. On the table will be issues like overfishing, acidification, pollution, and the destruction of marine habitats and biodiversity.

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Finding the wormhole between human rights and climate change. After being appointed the UN’s first special rapporteur on human rights and climate change in March, Ian Fry outlined before the Human Rights Council last week the key issues he will focus on over the next three years of his mandate. The former climate negotiator for Tuvalu has shown from the start that he will bring his previous experience into the human rights realm in Geneva.

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Also on the agenda

📌 28 June - 31 August | Exhibition of a Brazilian artist. The UN office at Geneva will host the works of Leca Araujo, a Brazilian artist on the theme “Between Mind and Matter: A reflection on our choices and the dual reality that is made up through them".


📌 3 July | Higgs Boson anniversary film screening. Ten years since the discovery of the Higgs Boson, CERN and its partners are organising the screening of “Particle Fever” followed by a discussion. This event is part of the CineGlobe festival at CERN.


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