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Good morning, this is Michelle and today, as the link between human rights and the environment is increasingly acknowledged, we unpack ongoing debates at the UN about adding a new right to its list.

Also, as young climate activists across the globe occupy the streets and social media, we hear about those who have made it to the negotiating table but do not feel accepted by their seniors.

And 2020 marked a record-breaking hurricane season that ended with four names being wiped off the list.

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Children in the river Calnistea in Ghimpati village, south-west of Bucharest, June 2007. (Keystone/EPA/Radu Vioreanu)

📜 🍀 Going in the right direction. States at the Human Rights Council are calling for the right to a healthy environment to be recognised at the UN level. The initiative has gathered the overwhelming support of more than 60 countries but will have to also rally wearier members.

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🌀 ❌ Those which must no longer be named. After a devastating hurricane season, Dorian, Laura, Eta and Iota have been crossed out of the list of names for future storms due to the trail of destruction they left behind.

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🗣️ 🙉 Too young to negotiate. The youth climate movement has come a long way, gaining traction with each year. Many of the activists have even become experts in their fields and have gained a seat at the table, yet they’re kept from some of the most important decision-making.

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Here's what else is happening

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Measurement stations across the Alps. (Michael Matiu et al/Creative Commons)

Snow cover in the Alps has declined by 8.4 per cent every 10 years since 1971, a new study has found. At the same time, the snow season has shortened by 5.6 per cent per decade. One of the first of its kind, the study compared data from different countries, distinguishing five distinct climatic zones from the northwest to the southeast and pointing to significant regional disparities.

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Next on the agenda

📌 22 March | Water & Sanitation in the City. To celebrate World Water Day, this event will look at the most pressing water issues for the world’s cities, by highlighting the voices of those managing these services and discussing experiences from cities in Nepal, Kenya, Mauritania and Tanzania.

Geneva Cities Hub (EN)

📌 23 March | World Meteorological Day: The Ocean, our Climate and Weather. The World Meteorological Organization brings together experts from different fields to mark the occasion, including the UN special envoy for the ocean and Vendée Globe competitor Alexia Barrier.


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Climate change-induced events such as floods and droughts forced millions to flee their homes from September 2020 to February 2021, with 60 per cent of displacement happening in Asia. This surpasses conflict-driven displacement which amounted to 2.3 million people in that same period. That’s according to the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

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