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Good morning, this is Michelle and this week we’re closely following talks on environmental peacebuilding, an emerging field that is trying to understand how climate change and the competition for natural resources affects conflict and vice-versa.

We’re also keeping tabs on bubbling tensions between Russia and the US, as the UN Security Council is set to meet today to address Moscow's troop buildup near the Ukrainian border. Plus, we hear the call of a Baha’i activist for Iran to be held responsible for its rights abuses.

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On our radar this week

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🕊️ Nature and peace in the spotlight. Experts from will gather online this week for the International Conference on Environmental Peacebuilding, an emerging field of study amid rising conflicts compounded by the devastating impacts of climate change. Organised by the Graduate Institute and the Environmental Peacebuilding Association, the conference will explore the links between climate change, environmental degradation, conflict and peace.

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🇺🇳 UN Security Council: Russia to face pressure over Ukraine. The United States promised to increase the pressure on Russia over its troop buildup near the Ukrainian border at a UN Security Council on Monday, as the US Senate prepares to approve “the mother of all sanctions”. US ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield had requested a public session to discuss Russia’s “threatening behaviour” against Ukraine. Moscow had suggested on Friday that it could call a vote to stop the meeting from happening, but the session is still set to take place.

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Here's what else is happening

Opinion of the day

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🇮🇷 Iran must end its rights violations against the Baha’i minority. With the mandate for the special rapporteur on human rights in Iran set to be renewed at the next Human Rights Council session in February, the country’s government needs to be held accountable for its persistent persecution of members of the Baha’i faith, writes Simin Fahandej, representative of the Baha’i International Community’s United Nations Office in Geneva.

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Also on the agenda

📌 1-4 February | Global forum 2022 for national trade facilitation committees. The Covid pandemic disrupted supply chains and exposed significant challenges in keeping critical goods such as medical supplies and food flowing across borders – a role taken on by national trade facilitation committees during the crisis. The online UN forum will bring together committee members to discuss reforms and devise new ways of keeping goods moving.


📌 1 February | 7th Geneva Engage Awards. The annual prize-giving, organised by the Geneva Internet Platform, recognises International Geneva actors in their social media outreach, online engagement and efforts towards more inclusive online meetings. Its three prizes are awarded to International organisations, non-governmental organisations and associations permanent representations to the UN in Geneva.

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