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Hello, this is Zelda, bringing you the latest Technology news and inviting you to reflect on the challenges to come.

Today we're focusing on the balancing act between modernity and humanity with an expert, the efforts to be made to connect the world by 2030 and a new artistic and innovative hub at the heart of Plan-les-Ouates, to create value and rethink our relation to the living.

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Today’s reason for hope

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Source: Max Brice/CERN. WIRED.

To make fairer AI, physicists peer inside its black box. After repurposing facial recognition and deepfake tech to study galaxies and the Higgs boson, physicists think they can help shape the responsible use of AI.

Wired (EN)

Technology News

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Jovan Kurbalija. Source: DiploFoundation.

The challenging balance between AI, modernity and free will. With artificial intelligence (AI) becoming a reality, humanity faces new challenges.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

Wanted: $428bn to connect remaining three billion people to the internet. ITU's latest report "Connecting Humanity" questions the necessary investments by 2030.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

Art and innovation together in Plan-les-Ouates. In the Geneva art and technology wonderland, a new venture focused on innovation and creativity has emerged: Hiflow.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

Should artificial intelligence create the principles of its regulation? Total commitments in AI could reach about 110 billion dollars by 2024. Regulation becomes an imperative.

Heidi.news (FR)

Here's what else is going on

Image of the day

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Twitter investigates racial bias in image previews. Twitter is investigating after users discovered its picture-cropping algorithm sometimes prefers white faces to black ones. One user found that Twitter seemed to favour showing Mitch McConnell's face over Barack Obama's. Twitter said it had tested for racial and gender bias during the algorithm's development. But it added: "It's clear that we've got more analysis to do."


Next on the agenda

30 September: Creating social ties in the digital age. This discussion at the University of Geneva focuses on understanding the socialization experience through digital.


30 September: When the living makes us act! An inaugural event to raise collective awareness on a changing world and rethink innovations and relationship to work.

Hiflow (FR)

6-8 October: Be Arielle F. Geneva-based visual and video artist Simon Senn presents his VR experience created with a digital replica of a female body.

Vidy (EN)

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