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Hi, this is Gabriela. Fighting in Sudan resumed at the start of the week, following a ceasefire that gave little respite to civilians. As the country enters a third week of hostilities, concerns are growing that chaos could spill over Sudan's borders and destabilise its neighbours.

Racial discrimination watchdogs at the UN accused Russia of “grave” human rights violations against ethnic Ukrainians, and a new jobs survey predicts that, within five years, digitalisation will scrap more than 60 million occupations.

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People fleeing Sudan arrive at Wadi Karkar bus station in Aswan, southern Egypt, 30 April 2023. According to UNHCR, thousands have fled the country since mid-April following armed clashes between Sudan's military and rival paramilitary groups. (Keystone/EPA/Khaled Elfiqi)

Sudan conflict could plunge Horn of Africa into chaos. Sudan is teetering on the edge of a civil war that risks sparking a migration crisis and compounding a serious food security crisis already impacting thousands in the wider Horn of Africa region. A UN official has warned that the violence could push over 800,000 people to flee the country.

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