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Good morning readers, it’s Pokuaa here with your global health news. The Covid-19 pandemic has created formidable contenders in the policy world. First, a Geneva-based platform tells us by championing resilience we can better deal with systemic health, social and economic shocks, whilst the UN’s urban agency urges governments to transform their cities to recover from current and future pandemics.

Still, the origins of the coronavirus remains a conflicted mystery after a long-awaited report released by the World Health Organization raised more questions than answers, causing a stir in the international community on the transparency of the investigation.

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Global health news

⚡💪 How resilience could help us learn from systemic shocks. Resilience, according to the Geneva-Science Policy interface, is the not-so-secret ingredient needed to prevent and recover from pandemics, including Covid-19. In a report released last week, the Geneva-based platform provides solutions to system shocks that impact, health, social and economic systems. Speaking to the lead author, Geneva Solutions is let in on some of the thinking behind the reflections.

Geneva Solutions (EN)

🏙️🚕 Rethink cities, beat pandemics. The United Nations agency on urban living calls on leaders to rethink how cities are shaped in order to better respond to future pandemics.The new report explores how well-planned cities combining residential and commercial with public spaces, along with affordable housing, can improve public health, the local economy and the environment. 

Geneva Solutions (EN)

🤥❓Who is telling the truth? Concerns have been raised over a new World Health Organization report which was supposed to offer insight into the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic.Yet, since its release on Tuesday, the long-awaited investigation has drawn criticism for lack of transparency. However, a top Chinese medical expert says Beijing did share all Covid-19 data with WHO and that there is no factual evidence to back the lack of transparency claims.

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Here’s what else is happening

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Covid-19 supplies delivered to the airport. The shipment organised by the UN includes ventilators, coronavirus test kits, PCR machines and personal protective equipment. (World Health Organization via AP)

Yemen receives first batch of Covid vaccines. A week after Yemen’s coronavirus committee warned of a public health emergency, the country received its first shipment of Covid-19 vaccines from the Covax facility. The United Nations Children’s agency said an initial 360,000 doses of Oxford AstraZeneca has been delivered in the city of Aden which has acted as a temporary capital since the conflict started six years ago. Yemen is due to receive 1.9 million vaccines throughout 2021.

Aljazeera (EN)

Next on the agenda

📍6 April | Reinvent & rebuild: stronger, fairer and inclusive physical activity systems. This webinar, held to celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP), will discuss the importance of physical and mental health for all as well as the challenges and opportunities presented to the sport system by Covid-19.


📍7 April | Dialogue on gender-responsive recovery post-Covid-19. Beyond the public health crisis, the pandemic has brought about an economic and social crisis, ramping up and exposing inequalities. The event aims to bring together parliaments and its members to contribute to mitigating the impact of coronavirus' impact on women and girls in the post-pandemic recovery period.


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