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Hi, this is Kasmira and today we’re covering civilian massacres in Borodyanka, a story brought to us by Holod chief editor Taisia Bekbulatova, who visited the village and spoke to locals who witnessed horrors inflicted by Russian troops during their recent occupation. It’s shared here as part of our Ukraine Stories project – with more stories below.

In other news, we’re covering the WHO’s words of warning over the dangers of health misinformation, as Elon Musk snaps up Twitter. And the UN is adjusting its veto rules – but will it really deter major powers?

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Streets of Borodianka (Credit: Taisia Bekbulatova)

🇺🇦 ‘Night is the worst time of day.’ Borodyanka is a quiet urban-type village in the Kyiv region, not far from Bucha. Russian troops occupied the village in the first days of the war, and stayed for more than a month. Now there are ruins instead of houses, and the number of civilians who died during the Russian invasion is already in the dozens. Holod journalist Taisia Bekbulatova visited the village and reported how mass graves are being dug up, people are looking for the missing, and are trying to rebuild their lives after the occupation. This article is republished here as part of Geneva Solutions collaboration with independent Russian publication Holod for our project, “Ukraine Stories”. The original version in Russian can be read here.

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Ukraine Stories

🇺🇦 Ukraine Stories #Week10: Kherson and Izyum under occupation. In our blog today, two journalists report on life for residents in Kherson and Izyum under Russian occupation. At least 10,000 residents have left the region of Kherson over the past month and people that remain are worried about a possible referendum, writes Daria Kotielnikova. Meanwhile in Russia, anti-war campaigners are using banknotes and city walls to get their message across. Read the stories in full on the English, Ukrainian, and Russian blogs.

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A big thank you to them and to all of you for your contributions and messages, which really warm our hearts.

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