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Good morning, this is Michelle, now back in Geneva after two days attending the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Lugano. While the meeting did not raise an astronomical sum of money in aid, there was a clear political message from the international community that they would help Ukraine rebuild itself.

But, as the UN chief warned, the road to recovery will be long. UNDP, the UN agency with the biggest presence in the country, tells us why Ukraine’s economy needs urgent support.

In news from Geneva, a UN-backed investigation uncovers atrocities in Libya and food insecurity in Africa keeps getting worse.

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The war in Ukraine is threatening to send millions into poverty if the country doesn't receive support. (Credit: UNDP Ukraine)

📆 Years of development at risk. Countries and international organisations reaffirmed their support for Ukraine on Tuesday at the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Lugano. With the reconstruction process estimated at $720bn by Ukraine, the country is counting on that support materialising into aid donations, but also investments that will keep the economy afloat. For UNDP’s Ukraine representative, Manal Fouani, it is about avoiding having 90 per cent of the population slip into poverty.

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🇱🇾 UN probe uncovers egregious human rights violations in Libya. A UN appointed mission to Libya said it has uncovered evidence of a wide array of gruesome human rights violations in the country, such as extrajudicial killings torture, violence against women, and the country’s longstanding absence of a free, democratic election process. Members of the Independent Fact Finding Mission (FMM) on Libya will submit its findings to the Human Rights Council this week.

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