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Good morning, this is Paula. Scientists meeting in Geneva last week warned that little was learned from Covid-19 to prepare for future pandemics and biorisks, with some raising concerns of labs being "nonchalant” when handling pathogens.

Little did they know that just days later armed gunmen would seize a Sudanese lab, prompting the WHO to issue biorisk warnings. Meanwhile, AFP has uncovered evidence that conservative influencers and media in the US are spreading misinformation about UN policies regarding pedophilia.

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Are pathogens getting ahead of us? Three years after the Covid-19 outbreak was declared a pandemic, scientists at a Geneva conference warned that little has been done to beef up our biorisk defences, leaving us exposed to future outbreaks. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists – creators of the Doomsday Clock as a symbolic tracker of human self-destruction – invited experts to discuss the need to regulate the handling of pathogens. Many expressed concern over a “nonchalant approach” in labs and a lack of funding to implement standards.

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